Build Up... Rise Up

The Battle Royale Experience in your web browser.

We bring to you the experience of fighting, building and survival for free.
  • Create your customizable character
  • Switch between automatic rifles and pistols
    (Improved weapon system is in the works)
  • Build strategic structures to defend yourself from opponents and the "Rise"
  • Coming Soon....
    • Virtual goods you can purchase with in game credits.

The game is available to play! CLICK HERE TO PLAY "BUILD UP RISE UP"

Currently, you will need to sign up in order to play.
We will allow anonymous play shortly once that feature is ready.

Enter A New World

The Dungeon Guild is a fantasy RPG style video game for iOS.
Roll up a character and embark on adventures into the unknown.

When you register for an account you will be able to......
  • Roll up your own character and take part in the many adventures.
  • As you earn more experience, get access to create more than one character.
  • Click Here to find out more
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